Different measurements of Capacitive Transducers

•         Capacitive Level Transducer

•         Capacitive Displacement Transducer

•         Capacitive Thickness Transducer

•         Capacitive Strain Transducer

•         Capacitive Pressure Transducer

•         Capacitive Proximity Transducer

•         Capacitive Moisture Transducer

•         Capacitive Hygrometer

•         Capacitive Microphone

Capacitive Level Transducer (Variation of Dielectric constant)

Capacitive Transducers using the principle of change of capacitance with change of dielectric are normally used for measurement of liquid levels. Figure 4.18 Sl10WS a capacitive transducer used for measurement of lev’el of non-conducting liquid.

Capacitive Displacement Transducer

The most popular form of variable capacitor used in displacement measurement is parallel plate capacitor with a variable air gap. The .simplest form’ of displacement transducer is ~parallel plate capacitor with plate movable us shown in figure 4.19.

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